Hi, I'm David Tang.

I'm a web designer and front end developer based out of San Francisco. I'm also an avid Photographer and Videographer.

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About Me

Web Designer and Developer

David Tang

I'm currently a Senior Web Producer at Corel, Inc. I help lead a team of Web Producers scattered around the U.S., Canada and Ukraine. My job entails supporting the marketing team with their various design and development needs. I design just about anything that's web related such as banner ads, emails, landing pages and in-product interstitials. In addition to designing, I code emails, in-product content and web pages. My expertise is in HTML and CSS, but I have working knowledge of JS and jQuery. I'm not one that would claim to know everything, but I'm resouceful and have a keen ability to find solutions to problems.

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Design from a blank canvas.

Design Solution

I consider myself a problem solver. I work with the client to to gather the requirements of the project then customize a solution that fits the client's need.


I create wireframes to help illustrate a clean and user friendly flow and layout of the site for the client. This acts as a blueprint for the site's final design.

Modern Design

I take a clean and simple approach to design. I believe less is more. Clean clutter free design ensures your audience gets the most out of your content.


Hand code from scratch.

Latest standards

I stay on top of the latest standards and trends to ensure my clients receive a cutting edge product. I code in HTML5/CSS3 and use jQuery to enchance the experience.

Fully Responsive

I code sites to be fully responsive so your audience will have the best experience regardless of the device and screen size they use.

Code True to Design

Whether it's my design or someone else's, I pride myself in coding true to the design. There will be no surprises as the pages coded will look exactly as it was designed.


Collection of some of my recent works.

Design and Code for Toast

Roxio Toast


Designed, coded and maintained the product pages for Roxio's flagship Mac product, Toast for the past 10+ years. I've been closely involved with the yearly product launches. Recently, I've redesigned the pages to be fully responsive.

Toast Family, Toast Titanium, Toast Pro

CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, .NET, SVN

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VideoStudio Pro


Designed and coded the framework used for the VideoStudio product pages to be responsive ready. The page is not currently responsive since the site is not coded to support the feature. There are plans in the future to make the site fully responsive.

VideoStudio Family, VideoStudio Pro, VideoStudio Ultimate

CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Django, SVN

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PaintShop Pro


Like VideoStudio, PaintShop Pro was designed to use the same framework. This helps speed up the product launches and allows other members of our team to maintain the page easily.

PaintShop Pro Family, PaintShop Pro, PaintShop Pro Ultimate

CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Django, SVN

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Pinnacle Studio


Designed and coded the pages to be fully responsive. It was the first page on pinnaclesys.com that we converted to Bootstrap.

Studio Family, Pinnacle Studio, Pinnacle Studio Plus, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Django, SVN

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Pinnacle Website Redesign


This was a relatively big project since the code of the site was very dated after we acquired it. The task was to make the whole site responsive based on the framework created from the Pinnacle Studio product page. I took the lead to migrate all the pages to use HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.

Pinnacle Website

CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Django, SVN

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Mindjet MindManager


I was tasked with redesigning the homepage, product page and family page for MindManager. I started with the wireframes and provided final designs to the Mindjet team to get the pages coded. Since the family page did not exist, it was used a proof of concept that will eventually get built after further testing.

Mindjet Home, MindManager

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Videostudio Landing Page


I leveraged an existing design from a previous version of the VideoStudio landing page. I took the design and made it responsive while updating the content for the latest version.

VideoStudio Lander

CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, Django, SVN

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Roxio Landing Page


While the current Roxio site is not responsive, I make it a point that every new page I build will be responsive since we're not due for a sitewide redesign.

PC Lander, Mac Lander

CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, .NET, SVN